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Who is Denmark's greenest haulage?

The award Den Grønne Transportpris, founded by DTL - Danske Vognmænd and Jyske Finans, focuses on the many concrete green initiatives that individual hauliers implement in their businesses.

On DTL - Danske Vognmænds website you can read more about the criteria for consideration and see the members of the jury.

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The winners of the award 'Den Grønne Transportpris'

Thursday 20 April the winners of the award "Den Grønne Transportpris" where elected at the Green Transport stage in Hall J.

1. Prize of DKK 25.000.-: Frede Andersen & Søn A/S
2. Prize of DKK 15.000.-: Kloakservice-virksomheden Leif M Jensen
3. Prize of DKK 10.000.-: Bryde & Sønner A/S - Flytte- og logistikløsninger

The money has to be used for further environmental improvements in the company.

The (climate) maligned industry

For many years, the transport industry has been criticised when it comes to climate and sustainability - but why? DTL - Danske Vognmænd and Jyske Finans want to change this perception and approach to the transport industry. A lot is already happening on the green agenda in the freight transport industry.

We are taking up the fight and showing the outside world how hauliers around the Danish country are adapting to the green transition. We will do this through a series of reports from hauliers who, in different ways, have managed to integrate agendas such as the environment, climate and sustainability in their own unique way in their particular business.

We also want to inspire those hauliers who have not yet joined the green wave. Through the reports, we focus on the many good and green initiatives that you can be inspired by. And yes, in this case it is okay to copy an idea or think about a business model that has emerged on the green wave.

Den Grønne Transportpris overrækkes til transportmessen i Herning.


LMJ – Lykke Jensen

Basis for nomination:
Nominated on the basis that they have purchased an Electric Volvo FL, which is built with a brand new electrically powered sludge suction unit. The electric vacuum cleaner is the first in Denmark. 
Lykke Jensen has been actively involved in the political work, Lykke Jensen has encouraged DTL to set up the electric lorry network.

Øzbek Logistics Aps

Basis for nomination:
Øzbek is investing in electric vans, currently he has 3 vans and has ordered a further seven. Alongside the hard work of converting their own fleet, owner Mustafa Øzbek has worked passionately to push others in the industry. Mustafa is, among other things, an inspirer at workshops for GLS Denmark's Distribution Partners in Eastern Denmark and will share his experiences at an upcoming conference in late 2022.

Mesterflyt A/S

Nomination basis:
Victor Helgogaard has a focus on circular economy. The company works purposefully to donate companies' waste to other institutions that could benefit from it. The entire chain is thought through and focuses on keeping waste products in a loop and recycling as many materials as possible. Mesterflyt A/S works with companies that receive donated furniture and pass it on to organisations that need it instead of throwing it out. In addition, a large part of their business is international removals. Every time they receive a shipment from abroad, there are a lot of cardboard boxes with the sender's logo on them, which normally end up at the recycling centre. Here, Mesterflyt A/S has chosen to take back these cardboard boxes and reuse them so that they are not just used once, but actually recycled.

Frede Andersen & Søn

Nomination basis:
There is the possibility of e.g. vending machine tarpaulins. Sorting, recycling and resale of residual materials such as wood and plastic. Good driving habits. Drivers are trained by a driving coach to optimise driving and extend the life of the company's equipment. Investment in lorries that can run on HVO biodiesel - an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel.

Simested Vognmandsforretning

Basis for nomination:
Privately owned recycling centre with sorting of municipal waste. Simested Vognmandsforretning established their commercial recycling centre with the right environmental permits back in 2013. The company is connected to the GDR system through Rebild Municipality.
Simested helps companies to strengthen their green profile. At the recycling centre, the companies' waste is sorted and allows the companies to get a green profile for having delivered to Simested. 
In addition, Simested focuses on environmentally friendly driving.

Jan Åkerman Transport A/S

Basis for nomination:
Use of the HyliFlex solution - a practical shelving solution - when loading the lorry bed. Much more goods can be transported by loading at height levels. This saves one aisle.

Kai Andersens Eftf. A/S

Basis for nomination:
The transport company Kai Andersens Eftf. A/S has started small by, among other things, encouraging its employees to adopt more sustainable behaviour with a charging station at the company address.
Martin Hummel is about to expand the domicile so that they can have a few more charging points for their 70 or so employees.