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BSV Grain grab

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31 March 2023 | BSV Krantilbehør A/S

BSV grain grab is manufactured in high quality and is designed to be used primarily for grain and rapeseed, but also for handling, for example, floating layers, wood chips, etc.

The grab is equipped with special blades so that it closes tightly when handling grain and rapeseed and at the same time does not damage the tarpaulin substrate.

BSV’s KS grabs are equipped with a built-in check valve inside the cylinder, which means that the load is retained even if a hose on crane breaks.

This grab is available in different sizes, which are 1.000, 1.500 or 2.000 liters. The grab can be mounted with rotator and suspension according to the crane.

When you need to get ready for the harvest season, BSV will be happy to help you with the right grain bucket for your crane.

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BSV Krantilbehør A/S

BSV Krantilbehør A/S is specialized in developing, producing and selling lifting equipment for cranes.
We offer a range of high quality products to entrepreneurs, the concrete industry, builder’s merchants, industrial companies and WTE sector.
Our products are divided into three main categories: hydraulic grabs, crane forks, mechanical scissor grabs.
In addition to the standard range, we also produce many customized special solutions. Production takes place in Vejen and our products are 100% Made in Denmark.

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