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Kneel-it gives injured truck mechanic new hope

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30 March 2023 | Innos Europe ApS

"Kneel-it is perfect since it offers a huge amount of protection for the knees, and especially the joints. I’m a 54 year old mechanic and I’ve had surgery in both knees, so being able to find a relaxing position while doing kneeling work, is a completely new experience. I can actually concentrate on my work! Before we got Kneel-it, we used mechanic stools to gain support, but they are never quite the right height, so we would be inappropriately leaning forward, while doing work on wheels, lights, exhaust and so on. Kneel-it is completely opposite, I don’t have to sit awkwardly or move around to be comfortable – when you sit down on Kneel-it, you are comfortable right away."

- Allan Clausen, Vendelbo Spedition

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Innos Europe ApS

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We have to work longer, but the work load will not decrease, on the contrary. Craftsmen in the construction industry work on a daily basis in uncomfortable and inappropriate positions, which leads to pain, surgery, sick leave and ultimately result in a decreased quality of life, since the pain follows them home. Disc herniation, arthritis and overloading of the knees and lower back are all well-known injuries for craftsmen who perform kneeling tasks on a daily basis.

Our mission is to limit these damages!

Our innovative product Kneel-it, is

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