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All new SETRA TOPCLASS faclift model shown on Transport 2023
The models that had been given a facelift TopClass 500
(515HDH – 517HDH), which has been Setra’s flagship travel and tour bus for many years.
The TopClass model is available in three variants from 12.5 – 14.2 metres, all with a height of 388 cm and a centre aisle height of 160 cm above the roadway.
With an Intelligent Headlight Control (IHC), the driver hardly has to worry about lighting, at least
not when the bus is travelling above 30 km/h. The lights are now expected to last the entire service life of the bus.
Driving safety has also been enhanced. A 10-inch touch is installed to the left of the driver in the area of the A-pillar
monitor which shows the bus at 360 degrees. The screen is active up to 35 km/h or when flashing, but can also
switched on manually at higher speeds. On the left side of the screen you can see the bus from a drone perspective and in the
the right-hand side is the direction of travel. When overtaking a vehicle, the road surface and the vehicle can be seen on the screen.
Multi-function sensor monitors the near and long-range area in front of the vehicle
the vehicle – and which activates Active Brake Assist – ABA5. The operating range is 120 degrees close to the vehicle, or what
which corresponds approximately to the range of the low-beam headlights and 18 degrees straight ahead.
This also means that the vehicle with Active Drive Assist (ADA 2.0) can actually drive autonomously

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Transport 2025

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Daimler Buses

Daimler Buses, part of Daimler Truck, is the importer of Mercedes-Benz and SETRA buses in Denmark.
We operate from Køge and Nørre Snede, and in addition, we have bus-dedicated workshops in Denmark and abroad.
We sell spareparts, service and support agreements and offer the widest programme in the industry.
The product pallet on the bus side is diverse, from mini-buses to coach-, town- and regional buses, and provides innovative solutions with a focus on quality, economy and, not least, sustainability.
We supply buses running on diesel and HVO, as well as electrical buses for city & regio

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