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For more than 70 years, VBG has developed and produced a large program of couplings for all possible purposes. Whether it is for driving with a trailer, Dolly, center axel trailer, or heavy loads, there is a solution.

During all these years, the focus has been on high quality, great strength, and the best possible operating economy. Therefore, the program also includes drawbeams, endplates and equipment that ensure strength, simplify the installation, and minimize the need for service. A few examples of this are Mechmatic - which automatically and continuously maintains the mechanism - and Driver Assist - which guides when connecting and prevents jack-knifing.

Different types of couplings, drawbeams, drawbars, and equipment, for different truck-trailer combinations, environments and forms of use. A complete system, for the busy driver and a long life on the road.

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VBG Truck Equipment


With extensive knowledge of construction and the use of transport vehicles, we develop products and solutions of the absolute highest quality. You get great reliability and durability, as well as the best result. Our technicians are happy to help you find the optimal solution for your particular needs.

Our solutions provide benefits. Not just for the individual owner, driver, or builder, but at several levels. Different products and solutions help keeping the vehicles running and profitability up.

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