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Roskilde, Danmark

Hvidovre, Danmark

Køge/Holbæk, Danmark

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AMU JUUL is one of Denmark's largest and oldest educational institutions within management, transport, rescue and storage/logistics training.
We are a 100% Danish family-owned company with headquarters in Roskilde, with training centers in Køge, Hvidovre and Holbæk, and a long range of tenders and collaboration partners across the country.

We offer management training, retail and logistics courses, as well as training and continuing education in all areas of transportation, e.g. truck, bus, orklift, dangerous goods, truck driver training courses and more.

We emphasize high-quality training and a high level of service to both drivers, hauliers and companies. We have access to driving technical facilities with trucks, buses, forklifts, evacuation and fire drills, etc., and through this training of citizens in a wide range of central work functions, as a contribution to increasing cohesion on the labor market in Denmark.