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Odensevej 35-37, 5591 Gelsted, Danmark

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With more than 60 years’ experience within the tyre business, Ovethi - Dansk Dæk Service has achieved comprehensive competences within the areas: tyres – wheel rims – wheels !

We are centrally located in Funen, Jutland and Zealand – with a total of 10 divisions/tyre centres for vehicles and
machinery: from passenger cars, vans, lorries, earth-moving equipment and machinery for agricultural use to industrial fork-lift trucks and other special-purpose machinery.

The service performed at our tyre centres – all complete with the most state-of-the-art and high technological
equipment in existence within the field of tyres – ensures our customers absolute optimal performance, and the
same applies to our service.

Likewise, we have an outgoing “Round-the-clock service” – with break-down vehicles attached to the individual
service centre always prepared to turn out and perform “On-site service – within the hour”.

Our experienced and highly skilled tyre specialists are always prepared to provide the most professional advice,
passing on the most recent knowledge within the field of tyres. We solve all tasks within service and maintenance –
great as small!

Our know-how within this particular domain is crucial, and we always strive to perform all tasks to perfection – to
the benefit of every customer leaving our service centres.

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Michael Simonsen

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