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VM Tarm a/s

Our vacuum tankers are made from acid-resistant steel. This ensures great flexibility in terms of handling and transporting industrial products such as acids and alkalis, and all general vacuum tanker operations.

We have strong focus on creating compact, low and short trailers which ensure optimum driving characteristics, as well as good manoeuvrability on the roads.

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VM Tarm a/s

The tankers are primarily supplied in stainless or acid-resistant steel. The product range includes liquid manure trailers , feed tankers, oil/petrol tankers, chemical trailers, milk tankers, vacuum tankers, beer tankers, fish tankers, tractor unit structures and various special tankers.

We undertake to develop, produce, and deliver the optimal tanker for your operations. This can subsequently be followed up with both optimization and maintenance.

VM Tarm builds tankers with responsibility, quality, and knowledge. In addition, sustainability is one of the key words, which is why you get

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