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No change in the interior and exterior view of the vehicle after installation.
Automatic and Semi-automatic usage .
Automatic & manual open/close feature thanks to the locking mechanism
No change in the original locking mechanism of the vehicle door thanks to unlocking mechanism
Immediate and exact intervention for possible faults via lights on the control unit
Easy installation for each vehicles
Use of Vehicle’s Original controller .
Human protection pre-programmed besides many other standard security measures .
Shipment as ready-for-installation.

Safety Wick It is the unit which enables the automatic opening of the door by sensors in case of the entry of an object (hand, finger, bag, clothes, etc.) during the closing of the door.
Overcurrent Control It is a security system that is switched on when the safety wick is failed. User Controlled Security System
While the door is automatically closing, the door automatically opens when the user commands from the front panel button or the outer door opening handle.
Audible and light warning system If the sliding door is opened from the inner door opening handle as vehicle is moving or standing, the user is audibly alerted.
When the door is opened the control unit sounds aloud.
When the door is open, the user is warned by the light on the front panel button. Speed control security system Door not opens if the vehicle’s speed is above a certain limit (5 km /h) and if the vehicle moves as door is opened , automatically closes when the vehicle reaches a certain speed limit (5km / h) .
Also, if the sliding door is attempted to open manually from the inside while the vehicle is moving, the system will prevent the door from opening and close it back. In case of accident or emergency Thanks to the mechanism designed, the vehicle door can be controlled manually from inside and outside original door handles.

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