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Seat & Safety Belt Tracking System with Wireless Passenger Detection


- Easy installation (Approx 15 minutes pr seat)

- Low power consumption

- Customization of system settings

- Specially developed, flexible software adaptable to any vehicle to control whole system

- There is no need to remove the seat cover or overhaul the seat. The sensor is glued under the seat with 3M tape or fixed by mechanical connection

- There is no cable circulation the vehicle because the sensor and the main screen communicate wirelessly. Just a supply cable for the main screen needed

- Person detection is done wirelessly

- Seat belt control is carried out with sensor seat belt buckle
If the seated passenger is not wearing his/her seat belt, the visual warning in the form of flashing light and 2-stage audible warning are activated

- All warnings are visible to the driver on the 3.2’’ screen

- Updates can be made on the screen according to the number of seats to be followed

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