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Do you need a new lifting yoke or spreader beam for your crane? At NOS, we have a large selection of lifting yokes, adjustable lifting yokes, helicopter beams, spreader beams, lightweight beams and many other lifting equipment for cranes.

With us you can find many different yokes, so whether it is for handling boats, scavengers, pavilions and other items, you can buy it from us. We have competitive prices and fast delivery on lifting yokes or beams.


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Transport 2025

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Your One-Stop provider!

NOS want to be the leading supplier of lifting gear, steel wires, ropes, lifting and lashing gear in Denmark. At the same time, we like to strengthen our position as a sub-supplier to large national and international customers within Construction, the Metal Industry, Marine, Oil, Gas and Wind Energy.

High customer satisfaction and credibility are important to us. It means a lot that customers trust us and see us as a reliable supplier of lifting gear. The loyalty that customers show us is incredibly important, and we must protect it to a great extent, as we want t

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